Öppen föreläsning "Smart grid experience in Europe"

Bästa SER medlem,

Svenska Elektro- och Dataingenjörers Riksförening tillsammans med IEEE Sweden Section vill härmed bjuda in dig till en spännande föreläsning om smarta elnät. Föreläsaren är den utmärkt IEEE kraft och energi sällskapet och KTH professorn Lina Bertling Tjernberg.

Föreläsningen är öppen till allmänheten men antal platser är begränsad och det är först till kvar som gäller.

Renewable energy plays a key role in the transition of the energy system in Europe towards a competitive, secure and sustainable energy system. The overall objective is to increase the share of renewable energy to at least 27 percent of the EU's energy usage by 2030. Smart Grid is a facilitator for this change. The EU definition of Smart Grid; “A smart grid is an electricity network that can integrate in a cost efficient manner the behavior and actions of all users connected to it - generators, consumers and those that do both - in order to ensure economically efficient, sustainable power system with low losses and high levels of quality and security of supply and safety.” This keynote presentation gives an overview of the current developments of Smart Grid in Europe and shows on examples on technology solutions for smart grid and results from larger projects.

Short Bio:
Dr. Lina Bertling Tjernberg is Professor in Power Grid Technology at KTH - the Royal Institute of Technology.
Her research aims to develop models for electric power solutions for the future sustainable energy system - which is captured in the concept of Smart Grid. Areas of special expertise are in applied reliability theory and maintenance management.
She was previously a Visiting Professor at Stanford University, with Chalmers University as Professor and Head of the Power System Group and R&D Director at the Swedish National Grid.
Dr. Bertling Tjernberg is a Senior Member of IEEE, is the Chair of the Swedish PE/PEL Chapter and is appointed as a Distinguished Lecturer (DLP) of the IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES). She has served in the Governing Board of IEEE PES, including the roles as Treasurer and Secretary, as Associate Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid Technologies, and chaired the first IEEE Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference (ISGT) in Europe.
She is a Member of Cigré, and the National Committee of the IEA International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN) and is an expert for the EU commission within Energy, ICT and Security. She has published over 100 papers, several book chapters and held invited lectures all over the world.

Datum:  2017-03-15
Tid:        18.45 - 20.30
Plats:     Föreläsningssal D3, KTH Campus
                Lindstedtsvägen 5