YEP field trip 2017: Day 6 - Last day

Hello again, and welcome to the last day of the electricity 2017 conference!

On the last day of the conference, the day began with an award cermony for the poster contest that was held in parallell to the conference. With four finalists in total, the prizes where dealt out, and the closing cermony for the young engineers seminar at the conference was brought to a close.

The personal pass for the conference.

While many of the participants choose to take transportation to Tel Aviv to catch their flights, I decided to stay in Eilat and catch the last day of the conference. There, I got the opportunity to once gain listen to Ricardo Klatovsky, vice president for solutions and energy & utilities at IBM. The title of his presentation was called “Innovation: Must or luxury” where he discussed why we, as engineers, need to innovate and more importantly, how to go about it. He put a great deal of emphasis on looking at the customer experience (as in, how will the product be used, and what does the customer want/experience) while discussing the field of the electrical engineer. With new discoveries roughly every other year (big data, AI etc) it is important to keep on the forefront to be competitive. However, it is also one of the most important things one needs to consider.

Ricardo Klatovsky, discussing the importance of customer experience.

After the morning sessions where completed, me and the people who stayed explored Eilat while discussing the subjects which had been brought up during the conference. As my flight to Stockholm will be tomorrow, I have looked back on what I’ve seen and heard during the last few days. While it has been a relatively short amount of time, it has been a wonderful and educating experience to explore how the question of energy is solved in Israel, to meet my fellow collegues of other European organisations and hear the words of many great people of our industry. An experience I would recommend for any young engineer to partake in, if the opportunity arises.

A shameless selfie at the end of the conference.

Thank you for following me on this trip, and I hope that it has been of some value to you.

Signing off

Anton ter Vehn
Student ambassador 2017