Elteknik #6 2017

Nu kan du läsa årets sjätte nummer av Elteknik! I detta nummer kan du bland annat läsa om: Studiebesöket hos NEVS IoT Seminariet Höstmötet Numret innehåller i sedvanlig ordning även en krönika från Einar – denna gång handlar den om Turing och artificiell intelligens

Inbjudan Uniti Elbilsfabrik

Inbjudan Uniti nya Elbilsfabrik SER:s medlemmar har exklusivt blivit inbjuden att få deltaga i UNITI’s invigning 7 December. Uniti kommer att ha visning av bland annat sin prototypbil U17 och fabrik där den skall produceras. Bland Uniti’s samarbetspartners kommer Siemens och Kuka att synas. Den 7 December slår dom upp dörrarna i Ljuspunkten som fabriken … Läs mer »

YEP field trip 2017: Day 6 - Last day

Hello again, and welcome to the last day of the electricity 2017 conference! On the last day of the conference, the day began with an award cermony for the poster contest that was held in parallell to the conference. With four finalists in total, the prizes where dealt out, and the closing cermony for the … Läs mer »

YEP field trip 2017: Day 5

Welcome to another exciting post about the Electric 2017 conference! The second day at conference was a day filled with very interesting lectures and workshops. The day began with a lecture from Stefan Alwers which can be seen in the following link: Lecture After the lecture, we had the pleasure of presenting the work we had … Läs mer »

YEP field trip 2017: Day 4

The dead sea awaits! For the fourth day of the YEP field trip, we finally had the pleasure of exploring two of the wonders of the world: Masada and the dead Sea! The day began at 5:00 am, as we decided to make the 300 meter long climb up to the ancient city of Masada. … Läs mer »

YEP field trip 2017: Day 3

Hello again! Hope you’ve enjoyed the last two bloggposts, because here is the next entry! On the third day of the field trip, we got the opportunity to see some biomechanical related areas in Israel through the hospital Hasaddah medical centre. The hospital is the biggest one in Israel, and close to their capital of … Läs mer »

YEP field trip 2017: Day 2

Hello again! Another day, another adventure! On the second day of the field trip, we had the pleasure of visiting two companies which are on the edge of their field: Intel and Sorek! While intel is a quite famous company, Sorek is a company which specialises in the desalination of water. In essence: How to … Läs mer »

YEP field trip 2017: Day 1

Hello everyone, My name is Anton ter Vehn, and this week you will be able to follow me and three Chalmers students: Henrik Nordbäck, Mikeal Pähn & Erik Weihs as we participate in the annual young engineers field trip of E.U.R.E.L. to Israel, where we will explore the technology of the country in regards to electrical … Läs mer »